Why Vacation Home Rental costs have gone up. And how you can lower them.

Vacation Home Rentals Tips and Tricks

Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals offers a “Back To Basic” Vacation Home Rental experience to both the Renter and the Owner.  This is how the industry operated before being “corporatized” by the “Big Boys”.

Save up to 23% in rental and booking fees by using Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals where:

  • Renters deal directly with Owners.  No middleman nor web site overheads.
  • Renters pay no extra fees or commissions to the web site owner/operators.
  • Owners pay no per booking commission fees nor extra fees to the web site owner/operators.
  • Owner property listings are not ranked by some arbitrary website ranking system.
  • Communications between Renter and Owner is direct.  No blocking of email addresses nor phone numbers.
  • Owners can choose to advertise their phone number on their listings, or divulge it when they choose, via private, unblocked communications

Example Fees Charged By The “Big Boys”

Wow!!! That’s a lot of vacation rental overhead.  Of course the “Big Boys” charge these rates because they command huge chunks of web site traffic, driving millions of visitors per day to their web sites. (Not to mention, of course, that their costs are huge – and their shareholders demand huge monthly earnings).  But your vacation home rental can easily get lost in the hundreds of thousands of listing available on these web sites. And ranking is beyond the control of the Owner.

However, don’t count out the “Small Guys”. Smaller web sites can offer excellent regionally specific search results and traffic.  When using a web site like Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals just one booking more than pays for many years of simple subscription costs.

The best strategy is to be listed on several low cost, vacation home rental sites.  An Owner can easily drive down the cost of renting their property, thereby enabling lower rental fees and higher occupancy rates.  Owners should always balance the cost of advertising their listings with maximizing their rental income. 

Managing your own bookings is an easy process.  The key is directly communicating to your potential renters.  Email them first, and then call them using one of the many free visual call methods available.  This way you can get a great feel for whether your guests will treat your property with respect and dignity.  This is a two way street – a Renter can ensure they are not being defrauded by using the same visual call to verify an Owner, his/her property and his/her policies. 

Importantly, there are many ways to take credit card and electronic payments cheaply and conveniently. Similarly with rental insurance and guest insurance if you wish to offer it as an add-on option.  Both of these subjects will be covered in detail in a forthcoming blog.

Comparison of Popular Vacation Rental Web Site Key Features

Ranking algorithm note: Direct Book (that is – no Owner involvement) listings are ranked higher, together with other, often hidden ranking factors that are not able to be influenced by the Owner.

At Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals the Owner pays a flat annual subscription rate (current rates shown) for a Bronze ($99), Silver ($129) or Gold ($159) level listing.  Within a given regional search, Gold listings outrank Silver which outrank Bronze.  And within each of the Gold / Silver / Bronze levels listings are randomized each time a search is done – giving fair ranking to all listings with in a subscription level within a given region.  THAT’S IT!!!  Simple and back to basics!

Take advantage of our new launch promotion of NO FEES until December 31, 2019.  You get a free Bronze level listing until the end of 2019.  NO COST NOR RISK TO YOU!!! Renew only if you get enquiries